Pernilla Iggström is a Swedish visual artist and has been based in London since 2007. She was born in Korea, but grew up in Sweden and has now lived overseas for over seventeen years. 

Pernilla worked for many years in a corporate and entrepreneurial environment both in Europe and Asia before she realised her lifelong dream of becoming an artist. In 2011 she completed a BA (Hons) in Fine Art Painting at London’s City & Guilds School of Art.

Pernilla’s art practice is influenced by her multicultural background. She is interested in sociocultural elements and thoroughly explores the notions of identity through her work with the starting point often being photos from her family albums.
“The painting process allows me to expand the potential of my ideas, reducing some of the overly specific imagery to something more universally accessible. My personal story is of course core, as it motivated my investigations into notions of identity but there are also far reaching aspects to what I am saying that I want to address”.